Penta Porsche

In addition to Concourse Quality Original Porsche 911 Restorations, Penta is offering a limited production run of our Penta Porsche 4.0 RS.

The Penta Porsche 4.0RS is our rendition of the ultimate road-going 911. Combining years of racing research and development with the 911 platform, to create a car that’s an unrivaled precision drivers instrument, a Porsche with the ultimate balance of tradition and innovation.  Penta Motorsports has extracted all the best features from all eras of the 911 (both street and race cars), to create the best possible 911 for the Porsche connoisseur.
Born to overachieve and engineered to outperform, what every Penta Porsche has in common, is precisely what sets them apart from the rest.

Engineered to endure any test and crafted to outlast any trend…

The Penta Porsche 4.0RS Limited.


We begin with a solid and straight 1974 911 (930) chassis —  (smog exempt). We strip donor car to a bare tub, and sandblast the tub down to bare metal. Before beginning the fabrication process that makes a Penta Porsche.


Chassis Fabrication

  • 4130 floor bracing on drivers compartment. Floor stiffening for improved handling and safety (optional)
  • Build cabin Roll Bar with 4-point seatbelt mounts.
  • Optional full chassis roll cage for racing applications
  • Optional fully hidden roll cage (Penta integrated roll cage). Cage hidden by headliner and interior trim. No for racing)
  • Reinforcing rear shock towers for coilover conversion.
  • Reinforcing front strut towers for coilover conversion.
  • Modification of chassis nose to accommodate larger high performance oil coolers and brushless electric fans.
  • Penta front-end treatment, which includes turn signals in fenders & long nose hood.
  • Install Porsche long-nose 911 front core support (1968 -1973) this creates an OEM look and finish under the bonnet.

Unique Body Mods

  • Penta A-pillar glass mounted rear view mirrors
  • Optional oil cooler ducting through front hood. (RSR type)
  • Penta Motorsports White 3 Stage paint job. Inside and out. (Any color available)
  • Customize long nose hood to work with Penta fuel filler.
  • The fenders are reformed to Penta’s unique shape. This yields a chassis/tub hand made from 100% German Stuttgart Steel, just like the original cars from the factory.
  • Re-route all oil lines to run within the chassis. No longer are oil lines visible under or inside the car.
  • Perform Penta exterior rocker-panel treatment.
  • Extensive interior metal finishing in rear seat area to provide smooth finish.
  • Metal finish interior rocker sills for smooth look and finish
  • Penta built front bumper.
  • Penta built rear bumpers with Penta built bumper guards
  • Penta front and rear fenders (hand-shaped)
  • Penta electronically actuated mini-duck tail wing.
Metalwork throughout the interior of the chassis is finished to the level of the exterior body panels. Every possible part of the chassis is finished to perfection. No need for cosmetic drop-in tubs or panels … Penta proudly showcases all the metalwork and craftsmanship that goes into each Penta Porsche chassis.


  • Race engineered and street tuned custom built & custom valved coilover suspension. With dual spring rates @ each corner. For a comfortable ride that still has amazing handling characteristics.
  • Racing type solid sway bars front and back
  • Penta modified lower control arms
  • Penta front lower sub frame
  • Quick ratio steering box.
  • Spherical bearing type tie-rod ends
  • Penta front chassis bracing
  • Penta center locking hubs with single wheel nut.
  • Penta center locking Fuch style wheels
  • All Penta Porsches come with Travel Nuts for tying down the car during transport. (Center lock equipped cars only)

Engine: Naturally Aspirated Version (maximized Porsche sound)

Based on a 3.6 liter engine from a Porsche 964 (90 -95)

  • The entire engine is broken down to a bare case, magna-fluxed and rebuild.
  • Penta Porsche motor is a 964 based twin-plug motor bored out to 4.0 liters
  • Makes 379 hp @ 7500rpm.
  • PMO 50mm carborator or borla injections
  • Custom build Penta exhaust
  • Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel Braided Lines and fittings throughout the car.
  • Set-up to accept air conditioning compressor @ later-date if desired.


  • Fully build G50 transmission with a Limited slip differential.
  • Hydraulic clutch with racing type master cyclers
  • Short and tall gear configurations available to suit any needs
  • Original 915 gear box is available


  • All electrical and wiring is brand new. A Porsche spec wiring harness is used
  • All lighting is LED
  • Optional Apple carplay (hidden out of sight)

Additional engine options:

  • Turbo or twin turbo engine packages are available. We can make enough horsepower to meet the needs of any driver.


  • Dual racing type master cylinders with brake bias adjustment.
  • 2-piece brake rotors with aluminum hats drilled and vented
  • Porsche/Brembo Brake calipers
  • Penta Motorsports 911 brake pedal assembly


  • Body colored – metal finished rear seat buckets
  • Penta Motorsports door panels
  • Learjet style sun visors – Lexan
  • Custom refinished gauges.
  • Suede starlight interior headliner
  • Penta Motorsports made custom billet Pedal assembly allowing dual master cylinders with brake bias adjustment knob for driver
  • Penta Motorsports Billet gas pedal assembly with race-proven heel stop.
  • Penta Motorsports billet floor panel
  • Available sound system with Apple Carplay
  • Optional rear seat delete
  • Fully custom made interior upholstery.
  • Hand formed rear seat buckets.
  • Racing type front bucket seats with vintage fabric inserts.
  • Leather wrapped roll bar with 4-point harnesses.
  • Penta Motorsports wood grain vintage steering wheel
  • 917 style wooden shift knob.
  • Optional Natural finish (raw) wood grain dash (textured)
  • Body colored – metal finished interior rocker sills.

Additional 911 configurations available

Penta Porsche 930 turbo long-nose.

  • Using real 930 turbo chassis. Backdate the front end.

Penta Targa Backdate:

  • Optional Revised b-pillar… giving the 911 Targa the same roofline as a 911 coupe.

Penta’s 997 Porsche backdate package.

  • The best of old and new on a modern platform.
  • 997.2 GT3 front and rear bumpers
  • 997.2 LED headlights and Taillights.
  • Penta 997 custom mini ducktail
  • Penta Center Locking concave Fuch type wheels
  • Penta /Ohlin’s coilovers or 1.5 inch drop springs
  • GT3 yellow calipers
  • Porsche rocker graphics
  • GT3 suede steering wheel
  • GT3 Suede shifter boot
  • New interior upholstery (houndstooth seat inserts)
  • Penta Motorsports stainless exhaust system
  • Optional Apple carplay in all vehicles

Contact Kevin McCoppin at Penta Motorsports to discuss all optional/available Penta Porsche Configurations. We can custom design a unique Porsche platform to meet the desires of any individual Porsche-file.

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